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Equipment Specialist


Protect Your Investment: Your dive equipment represents a substantial investment. It makes sense to learn how to get the best return on that investment. This is what the Equipment Specialist Course is all about. You learn:

  • Routine preparation and maintenance procedures you can perform before and after every dive that will prolong equipment life and reduce the need for professional service.
  • The best ways to transport and store your equipment and, thus, reduce the risk of damage.
  • What happens to regulators, BCs and tanks when you bring them in for annual service or inspection.
  • Emergency in-field repairs you can perform that may help save a dive or a trip — including wetsuit repairs (a must for every diver).
  • The latest developments in equipment technology, including BCs, regulators, dive computers and more.

Who Can Take This Course?

To take this course, you must:
  • Be at least 12 years old.
  • Be certified the NASE Open Water Diver level (or equivalent).

What is Involved?

The NASE Equipment Specialist course take place entirely in a classroom or dive store setting. There will likely be outside reading and study; a typical class lasts four to six hours.

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