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Certified 2011 to Present
Certified 2001 to 2011
Certified Prior to 2001

Never forget your certification card at home again. The NASE Worldwide VirtualCcard

APP conveniently provides NASE certified divers instant access to their SCUBA

certification cards issued by NASE. The APP lists all of your scuba certifications and

syncs with the NASE system to provide authenticated credentials.


Certified 2011 to Present
To replace your hard card please login to your online account, choose the personal information drop down list, click on “Order Physical Certification” and follow the directions. If you do not remember your login information you may recover it here. "Forgot Login Info"


Certified 2001 to 2011
To replace your hard card your information must be updated in our database. Please download form, fill out, and then submit via email with a digital photo and proof of identity. Once updated you will be emailed login information with directions to order your hard card. "Download Update Form"


Certified Prior to 2001
Do the following apply to you?
• You have proof you were originally certified through NASE prior to 2001
• You lost or had your card stolen?
• You have your original c-card, but it’s so badly worn that you need to replace it?
• You want to upgrade from a junior certification, change the name appearing on the card — or just want a newer card or one with a more up-to-date picture?
• You would like a VirtualCcard™ (includes being put into the electronic database)?

Just download, complete and save the form below, then email it along with a photo, to the address listed on the front. There is no charge if we cannot process your replacement card. "DOWNLOAD THIS FORM"

Please Note: NASE implemented an electronic record keeping system in early 2001 to help instructors prevent the loss of records. Copies of Records submit by Instructors prior to 2001 are in a paper archive and may be difficult to locate. NASE Worldwide is not responsible for any certifications that are not in our database or archive. If your certification was before the implementation of electronic record keeping system, we are unable to process your request unless you provide proof of certification such as log book, diploma or at the request of your original NASE instructor. You will need to complete the replacement form to begin the process, and submit proof of certification (request without these items will be returned). You will not be charged unless we can locate record. Please do not call without first completing and submitting this form.
Keep in mind that if you were certified over 5 years ago (if you dive on a regular basis) or have not dived in more than a year, it is industry practice to participate in a scuba refresher course, available at your local dive center.