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Divemasters Lead the Way: The NASE Divemaster course helps provide the leadership skills required to assist in training and be responsible for certified divers. This rating is also the first level of professional membership within NASE Worldwide and helps meet prerequisites for other leadership coures. More…

Assistant Instructor

Advanced to the Forefront: The NASE Instructor Training Program (ITP) is the process through which qualified candidates complete the requirements for certification as a NASE Worldwide Assistant Instructor. NASE Assistant Instructors who then successfully complete the NASE Instructor Examination (IE) are upgraded to NASE Open Water Instructors (OWIs). More…

Open Water Instructor

Take the Final Step: As the name implies, the NASE Instructor Evaluation isn’t really a course; it’s an evaluation process designed to help ensure that only the most qualified candidates become NASE Instructors. And, even though only Regional Training Directors may conduct this program, all Instructor Trainers must be familiar with this process, as this is what they are preparing candidates for. More…

Already an Instructor?

Come on Over to Our House: NASE welcomes instructors in good standing with recognized diver training organizations to come take advantage of all the NASE offers professional diving educators. There are many convenient options available to do this. For more information, please contact NASE.