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Cave Training Unlike Any Other: Although the NASE xTek Cave Diver course covers the same topics and skills as any other complete Cave Diver program (and then some), there are important differences:

  • NASE is the only organization that bases its Cave Diver course on a comprehensive eLearning system, not only affording students greater convenience, but the opportunity to spend more time in the water when they arrive for training.
  • Although we offer several convenient stopping points along the way to full Cave Diver certification, so that students may gain additional experience on their own using temporary Student Cave Diver cards, we do not charge students for additional “Basic” or “Apprentice” cards. We only offer permanent c-cards to fully trained Cave Divers.
Cave Diver

The NASE Cave Diver course is just the first in an assortment of courses in the NASE Cave program. Additional courses include Technical Cave, Advanced Sidemount, DPV Pilot and more. Ask your instructor how you may be able to continue your training once certified.

Who Can Participate?

To participate in this course, students must:
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be certified the NASE Nitrox and Rescue Diver levels (or equivalent). Nitrox training is to include Equivalent Air Depths (EADs) and CNS Clock calculations.
  • Be able to answer No to all questions on the NASE Medical History form, or secure a physician’s approval for diving prior to the start of the course

Although prior technical diver training is desirable, it is not required. For divers lacking this training, the course will include the same material as in the NASE xTek Basics course and, if needed, xTek 45.

What is Involved?

The NASE xTek Cave program consists of:
  • Self Study: Using the convenient NASE eLearning program.
  • In-Water Training: The majority of in-water time takes place in caverns and caves. Students must be able to perform all required skills and log at least 600 minutes of Actual Bottom Time under direct instructor supervision.

What Materials and Equipment Will You Need?

Candidates supply all of the personal diving equipment required by NASE xTek Standards, including:
  • Mask and fins
  • Adequate exposure protection
  • Technical or sidemount diving harness and air cell
  • Manifolded doubles or two sidemount cylinders
  • Two independent regulators with separate first/second stages; at least one with 1.5 m/5.0 ft or longer hose; one SPG for each manifold or valve
  • One primary and two backup lights suitable for cave diving
  • Dive computer or depth gauge and timer (two recommended)
  • At least one safety reel/spool with at least 30 m/100 ft of line
  • Dive knife or cutting tool
  • Underwater slate or wet notes

Your instructor may have additional equipment requirements.

Get Started Now

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