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Verify a diver

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If you are unable to verify your certification by using the search above please read and follow the directions below BEFORE YOU CALL. It will speed up the process.


If certified prior to 2001 we will not be able to verify certification. If you need to replace your certification card please "Click Here".

If certified after 2001 but before June 2011 you may call during normal business hours to verify certification.
"Download this form", complete and save the form below, then email it along with a photo, to the address listed on the front.

If certified after June 2011 please contact your instructor/shop for assistance getting your account information corrected.


Please Note: NASE implemented an electronic record keeping system in early 2001 to help instructors prevent the loss of records. Copies of Records submit by Instructors prior to 2001 are in a paper archive and may be difficult to locate. NASE Worldwide is not responsible for any certifications that are not in our database or archive. If your certification was before the implementation of electronic record keeping system, we are unable to process your request unless you provide proof of certification such as log book, diploma or at the request of your original NASE instructor. You will need to complete the replacement form to begin the process, and submit proof of certification (request without these items will be returned). You will not be charged unless we can locate record. Please do not call without first completing and submitting this form.
Keep in mind that if you were certified over 5 years ago (if you dive on a regular basis) or have not dived in more than a year, it is industry practice to participate in a scuba refresher course, available at your local dive center.